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From : #BeatTheBuylist - 08/04/2022

It’s been a good solid six weeks since the release of Kamigawa, Neon Destiny, and as we move onto New Capenna, it seems like a good time to look back at some of the data we have available to us – and it does seem to be awards ceremony time, so lets have a look!

From the ubiquitous and consistently awesome EDHRec, as of 4/4/21, 3416 Commander decks for Kamigawa had been created – unfortunately, the Go-Shinta crew wasn’t even invited to the party, as they have too few decks between them to be worth looking at (Z-listers don't get in!)…on the agenda tonight we have :

  1. Prom King / Queen Award - Most popular commander
  2. The Gold Award – Most expensive Commander to build
  3. The Salt Award – Most salt inducing commander

Prom King / Queen Award - Most popular commander

Starting off with an easy one, which probably comes as no surprise to those who’ve been following the chatter online:

Satoru Umezawa was super hyped before release, with its Eldrazi cheating-in Ninjitsu ability, but couldn’t get there.

Isshin, Two Heavens as one takes the top spot, with over twice the number of decks to the lowest ranked – Sticking to its Mardu aggro roots we’re doubling up any “on attack” triggers, which is always fun (side note – I hope you got your Winota’s before the recent price spike!)

The Gold Award – Most Expensive Commander to build

How am I defining “most expensive”? Based on my own personal preference of course! 😀

The way I like to build decks is slowly evolving the powerful elements in it over time, so its good to know what the ceiling for a deck is before starting that process – what is the highest price that the 90th percentile deck listing comes in at? (Only the top 10% of all decks for this commander will be more expensive than this number – and I’m quite happy to think I’ll never get there – usually that final push is all the moxes, the duals, etc etc - into CEDH territory, and that’s not for me personally!)

Pulling in their second top 5 finish comes Hinata, Dawn-Crowned, but storming ahead of the pack at $4681 is The Reality Chip – if you want this guy up at the highest power levels, you need to spend some SERIOUS money, with the content exactly as you would expect – all the legacy playable Artifacts that we know and love to hate from Mono Blue.

The Salt Award – Most salt inducing commander

Using the EDHRec salt scores – we can see the most disgusting, maddening and horrific deck to play against from Neon Dynasty, if you so choose to build it (Also known as "chose to lose all your friends")

Absolutely no surprise at the top of the list – Blue featuring in every deck – Counterspells are built into Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant, if you like to feast on the tears of everyone you play against, this guy is for you.

Satoru Umezawa getting a second top 5 finish here, but the other top 5 commanders are no where to be seen on the salt list – FAIR MAGIC is the name of the Kamigawa game!

Wrap up

Thanks for sticking with me for this long - what other data are you interested in seeing? The floor is yours, let me know on social media (click the icons at the bottom of the page).



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