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What is #BeatTheBuyList?
Beat The Buylist is an MTG card price aggregator - in a nutshell, it sucks in all prices from a curated list of Professional and Trusted vendors, and shows you the best price!
Whats the point of using it instead of a TCG marketplace?
  • Curated Vendors
    • Only professional vendors are included
    • Why? they're better at customer support, grading, packing, posting speed, you name it!
    • In the UK, Brexit has made it more difficult to purchase from abroad, using professional onshore vendors is much less risky, and prices are comparable
  • Buylisting
    • Get rid of your old cards for the best price - swap them into new decks, or just get the best cash price
  • MTG Finance
    • Access trend analyses - which cards are going up ("BUY! HODL! DIAMOND HANDS!") and which cards are crashing ("SELL! SELL! SELL!")
    • Access to worldwide vendor data
How much does #BeatTheBuyList cost?

Depending on how you use it, the price is either FREE or a small monthly subscription :

  • Quick price check on a card - FREE, no need to even login, just use the single card lookup page
  • Find which vendor sells at the best price - FREE, just register and login and the data for the best price will be unhidden
  • Doing MTG Finance or buying in quantity? - Subscribe and get access to complete market data and trend analyses
What even is a "buylist"?!

"Buylisting" is a quick way to get cash or more cards in exchange for cards you dont want/use!

Vendors have to get their cards from somewhere, right? That might be cracking packs, but for older cards, that's not possible, so they will PAY you to send the cards they want.
...Their "buylist" is literally a list of cards they want to buy!

Buylisting is easy :

  1. Add the cards onto your selling list
  2. Run the #BeatTheBuyList shopping wizard to see who is buying at the best prices
  3. Post the cards to the vendor
  4. Once they've checked the package over, you will get either cash or store credit (credit usually comes with 20% or 30% added on top!)
  5. Obviously then come back and get more cards at the best price - you just #BeatTheBuyList ;)
How can I contact #BeatTheBuyList? Can I get a store added?
Email BeatTheBuylist.com with any queries relating to :

  • Site questions / feature requests
  • Business development - adding your store
  • Anything else!



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