Phyrexia: All Will Be One - Commander Awards

From : #BeatTheBuylist - 08/04/2023

New set spoilers mean one thing at BTBL - it's time for a take a second, and enjoy the last set - Phyrexia: All Will Be One with our Commander Awards!
(PS - March of The Machine looks insane for Commander - cant wait for this article next time!)

  1. Most popular Commander
  2. Most expensive Commander to build
  3. Most salt inducing Commander


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Most Popular Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commanders

Phyrexia: All Will Be One seems to be a step back on track - People are energised to build new decks around these characters - with the most popular smashing past 2000 and 3000 deck counts. ONE is a culmination of years of buildup and storyline, i'm not too surprised, but it's good to see!

*Spoiler alert* - the Phyrexian's may have lost the war, but they certainly cleaned house here - there's not one "good guy" in the top 10 most popular commanders - does that say something about the average magic player? Comment below with your thoughts!

The most popular commander from ONE is Atraxa, Grand Unifier - The last version of Atraxa we had (Atraxa Praetors' Voice) is literally the most popular Commander of all time. OF COURSE the latest incarnation would be the most popular here. The average deck looks fairly similar to an Atraxa Poison counter build - you give your oppenents poison with your toxic / infect creatures, and proliferate your way to victory - the only difference here is that if you blink the new Atraxa, you can completely refill your hand if you draw into 7 different card types - it's GAS all the way!

In 2nd place, Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines - there was A LOT of internet noise about this version of Elesh Norn (I even wrote my own article on this site! Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines - Is she a problem?). I think we can safely say that it was a little overblown. She's powerful, yes, and shuts down some archetypes (I've faced her with a Yarok Landfall deck - it was a super tough matchup but managable in the end) - but overall, its mono white. How powerful can she be?

Rounding out the top 3 - it's Karumonix, the Rat King - Rat Tribal, what's not to love? Throw in a bunch of rats, some mono black control elements, and you're cooking up a delicious rat stew!

Also in the top 10 - the "Dominus" cycle gets a lot of love - they're all super sweet enablers to a specific action or archetype - Solphim, Mayhem Dominus (mono red death by 1000 cuts - anything you do, take a few damage) Mondrak, Glory Dominus (mono white go wide tokens, tokens and more tokens) and Tekuthal, Inquiry Dominus (Is Mono Blue proliferate-toxic-superfriends an archetype?!), then they can be made indestructible for an extra cost later, which is always good - I feel like they'd be better in the 99 though, but maybe i'm wrong there!

Most Expensive Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commanders

The number we're looking at here is the 75% quartile - 25% of decks for a commander are built to be more expensive than this price (so 75% are less expensive)

Also shown on the chart is the 90% quartile - so only 10% of decks are built to be more expensive than this - if the 90% marker lies outside the thin line, it is classed as an outlier to the data - an unusually high value compared to the rest, which could suggest some cEDH viablility, if that's your jam.

Atraxa, Grand Unifier - By far the most expensive (likely because its 4 colours, allowing the best of the best!) - powerful ETB triggers, combined with blink effects (and even the new Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines in the 99 to double everything up is powerful - but then add in some control superfriends, and you've got something really gross to annoy your friends with.

Unctus, Grand Metatect - Do you like artifacts, fast mana and to combo off by drawing your entire deck and slamming Thassa's Oracle? This is the commander for you!

Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines - Blink blink blink stax with a combo finish - there's a lot of triggers going on here!

Again, the Dominus cycle shows up, but this time, we see mono black aristocrats as well - Mondrak, Glory Dominus Tekuthal, Inquiry Dominus Drivnod, Carnage Dominus all showing in the top 10 most expensive list.

Most Salt-Inducing Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander

Using the EDHRec salt scores to rank our SNC Commanders, (Basically, this means the most maddening decks to play against - depending on what type of person you are, that might just mean the most fun to play)

A clean sweep for Atraxa, Grand Unifier - Winner of all three categories - This is an interesting build that focuses on stax enchantments and recurring them - nice to see my favourite Eldraine card Dance of the Manse in here!

Also in the top 5 - Ovika, Enigma Goliath looks like a fun izzet spellslinger deck - really getting a flavor win of a phyrexian swarm. The Salty build goes heavy on counterspells and extra turns - really cranking up the feeling of wave after wave of phyrexians rushing towards you!

Just missing out, but still in the top 10, a first showing for Kinzu of the Bleak Coven - Lots of nasty mono black ETB drain effects, matched with a commander that automatically recurs them as tokens (and adds a TOXIC ability of all things!) - classic mono black shenanigans to see here.

Wrap up

Thanks again for reading - what other subjects would you like to look at? Let me know on social media (click the icons at the bottom of the page) or comment below!.

Shout out to EDHRec - thanks for the data, you guys are AMAZING!



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